For over a year I have wanted to start a blog, and have been writing my ideas on the notes section of my phone in a vague hope that they would magically turn into fantastically interesting blogs. Alas this was not the case, so sitting in the library (rather bored while trying to finish a reading) I decided that there’s no time like the present. I currently have seven ideas which I wish to develop and write about so hang in there.. please!

My wish for this blog is to demonstrate to you that art exists everywhere, even if it be on your favourite mug that you drink your morning coffee out of. This seems obvious, and as I write this I am starting to wonder where I am going with this blog. I aim to talk about things that have inspired, worried, surprised and enchanted me, from films that I have seen, exhibitions I have visited, to my little curation I have put together on the doors of my wardrobe. My one wish is that you give me time, to develop my ideas and also my writing skills (apologies for bad spelling at times!).

I am currently taking part in a module taken by Griselda Pollock (Queen!) who is a major influence in feminist art theory.This module coincides perfectly with the scarily real developments in America on women rights and the Women’s March that took place worldwide on the 21st January 2017. With 4.6 million demonstrators taking to streets across America alone it was a day for the history books. I have also started listening to the Guilty Feminist podcasts (which was recommended to me by a friend), the podcasts are brilliantly funny and down to earth, making you feel better about saying you’re a feminist but knowing you’re a slightly pathetic one. I definitely recommend it if you’re sick of listening to the usual Spotify playlist repeating the likes of Sean Paul and David Bowie (but who can get bored of DB I hear you ask!). If you are a part of Instagram I’m sure you will have seen the array of posters that featured on the Women’s March, some politically poignant and others lighting the feisty feminine fire in my bones. A fantastic day that I wish I had been apart of but sadly I was stuck in Leeds, it was a day that made me proud to be a woman!

The image that goes alongside my blog is a painting called Palingenesis by Lee Krasner painting in 1971. Lee Krasner was the wife of world renowned painter Jackson Pollock. Sadly Krasner was not as well known , perhaps due to the quality of her art, the time of its production, or even because women were ignored until recently (rather big statement I know). However this is evident in the recent Royal Academy show Abstract Expressionism exhibiting from mid September 2016 until early January 2017. This exhibition is first time that all New York School paintings have been together since around 1959. Out of all the paintings there (and there are many) only 5-6 of them are painted by female artists. As well as this, in 2016 the Women of Abstract Expressionism show, which has been touring America, failed to make it to the Whitechapel gallery in London due to lack of corporate sponsoring. Is this due to a fluke or is it really because potential corporate sponsors couldn’t foresee the success of an all female show? Sadly I believe the latter.

Women’s Rights and Feminism will not be the sole focus of my blog but due to current affairs, and as a young woman in the 21st Century I feel it would be a sin to ignore.

Stay tuned for more awesomeness and I promise it will get more exciting than this!




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