Upon googling the definition of the word (an all to familiar acitivity), the meaning of creativity is reduced down to, the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. This definition seems to highlight the end goal but not the process, and leaves me questioning, how do I become more creative?

The word creativity to me, is slightly depressing as it’s a constant reminder of my lack of. I am jealous of those who can sit for hours creating beautiful pieces of art, pieces of clothing or even just have that creative flare. My artistic and creative skill left me at GCSE level, and I now find myself longing to delve in to a new form of creativity. Perhaps for me that is writing this blog? Having tried the colour by numbers and the classic Scooby-dos when I was younger, I feel I need to revert back to them in order to relight my creative flame. Being at university I am surrounded by talent, people starting new companies and creating cool clothing brands and even making some money off it! I have also noticed recently that people are using social media platforms such as Instagram to promote their new ventures and I think this is such an amazing way to reach out to our tech-savvy generation. My ultimate goal is to set up a cool brand and make loads of moneyyyy but sadly that doesn’t happen over night.

I am now making a promise that I will venture out into the creative world and try some new things, maybe even life-drawing, although I feel my first time will be filled with laughter and awkwardness but hey-ho.

That’s all I have to say on creativity for now but I will keep on trying to find my creative groove, wish me luck!

The picture above is of the fantastically creative Basquiat’s painting Untitled (Crown) painted in 1982.



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