Gucci’s Collaborative Meme Project

Is Gucci’s most recent advertising campaign meme-tastic or is it a massive flop?

The new campaign that advertises Gucci’s new line of watches seems perfectly streamlined with the internet culture of the consumer in 2017, however the memes seem to have been more popular/controversial than the watches. Creating the hashtag #TFWGucci, which for those who like myself struggle to keep up with all the social media slang out there, means ‘That Feeling When’, has attempted to take on the big bad world of memes.

gucci meme 8

According to Cosmopolitan and Refinery online articles, Gucci went directly to ‘international meme creators’ to mimic famous memes, such as the Arthur meme (apologies if you cannot relate to this in the slightest!). With original imagery, they adapted the familiar memes to promote the new watch line which features Le Marché des Mereveilles timepieces.

gucci meme 5.jpg

Advertising nowadays seems to be coming in many different forms and more recently has been more prominent on social media. I personally think Gucci have hit the nail on the head in terms of content but are the social media millennials (those who eat, sleep and breathe social media) really their target market? I don’t know about you other millennials out there but I definitely cannot afford a £900 watch at the moment and don’t see that happening any time soon. For the millennial, memes are a source of entertainment, a meme could easily be replaced by the next best meme a day later but thats the beauty of it, they are relatable, funny and can be shared amongst social media followers instantly, but now that have become a source of advertisement. The internet has been divided by the release of the campaign, with some ‘cringing’ and commenting on Gucci’s Instagram telling them to ‘Stoooopppp’.

It is evident that Gucci have actively been trying to reach a younger consumer with recent collaborations with the GucciGhost. The Gucci ghost, also known as Trevor Andrew, an ex-Olympic snowboarder who would go around New York City spray painting his own interpretation of the iconic Gucci logo anywhere and everywhere. He was then invited to the ‘Gucci Towers’ (how I like to interpret the Gucci headquarters) in Milan to collaborate with the creative director. How cool is that, from spray-painting to featuring on Gucci items of clothing?

The reason why this recent meme campaign and the reactions it has received has fascinated me so much is because of the levels of artistic creativity levels involved. Their imagery is of a very high quality, their dialogue is with the times and has coined a section of the social media world that has not been used in advertising before. Could the meme be the new way forward  for advertising, no doubt other brands will jump on the bandwagon soon.

Gucci 5.jpg
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